Arya P.G. College Panipat

Founded in 1954 by truely nationalists people, Arya PG College, Panipat has the distinction of being one of the oldest colleges in Haryana, adjoining to Delhi. Today, the college can boast of a special campus, state-of-art infrastructural facilities and highly acclaimed faculty trained at leading Universities in India. Though, the primary stress of the college is on achieving academic excellence, yet we also provide various opportunities to help students by enhancing their knowledge and skills in the areas that we believe are important for their all round development. Notwithstanding its name, students from all religions have grown up here and excelled in the chosen areas of their interests, be it academic, sports and extra-curricular activities.

The college provides a liberal, lively and competitive environment enabling students to carve out a niche for themselves in the chosen areas. Besides the infrastructural facilities, the strength of the college lies in its congenial and enriching atmosphere, which plays a crucial role in maintaining the excellent record the college is renowned for. The college has seen remarkable growth over the years. Today, it is not only one of the most distinguished graduate & Post graduate co-educational institution in the country, but is also, by many accounts the college of the first choice in surrounding area.

Founded under the auspices of Arya Samaj Panipat (Regd.) office Bara Bazar, the college has pursued its journey towards excellence under the dynamic leadership of President, Governing Body Sh. Ravindra Gupta, Vice President Sh. Aadesh Gupta, General Secretary Sh. Surinder Shingla, Treasurer Sh. Piyush Arya and other senior members of the management.

The college deserves the pride to have an exceptionally beautiful lush green campus, magnificent building of architectural beauty spreading over about 15 acres of land catering to overall development of more than 5000 students including more than 3000 girls. Well located and protected campus is the second heaven for the young boys and girls.