Alleviation: An International Journal of Nutrition, Gender & Social Development, ISSN 2348-9340 Volume 1, Number 1 (2014), pp. 1 - 8
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Kangaroo Mother Care: Boon To Preterm and Low Birth Weight (LBW) Babies

Indu Bansal, Priyanka Singh, Monika
Prof. & Dean, Faculty of Home Science, Ph.D Research Scholars
Faculty of Home Science
Banasthali Vidyapith, Tonk (Rajasthan), India
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World-wide, twenty-five million low birth weight (LBW) infants are born each year, the great majority (96%) of them in developing countries. Low birth weight and premature newborns are extremely fragile individuals that need special care including increased warmth, greater efficiency in the detection and treatment of infections, additional help with nourishment, more contact with their mothers and families, and finally, the special attention of health care professionals and high-quality health services. Thus interventions that reduce neonatal morbidity, mortality and costs are important advancement in care for LBW infants. Evidence suggests that kangaroo mother care is a safe and effective alternative to conventional methods of neonatal care for very low birth weight babies. Kangaroo mother care has a positive effect on breast‐feeding at term and during the neonatal period. Other caretakers and health workers too have an important role to play in encouraging mothers and fathers to adopt KMC and to express their emotions and love to their babies.

Keywords: Breast‐Feeding, Kangaroo Mother Care, Low Birth Weights, Neonatal Morbidity, Pregnancy.

International Conference -Multidisciplinary